PCR-testing and Quarantine

COVID-19 information

Arrival in Hungary and PCR-testing (updated according to governmental legislation in effect from 3 September, 2020)

According to the governmental legislation, after entering Hungary from red countries you need a quarantine of 10 days that can be shortened by two negative results of 2 PCR tests taken in Hungary.

Please note that MATE dormitories cannot accept anyone for testing or for their quarantine period (the cost of accommodation during this period must be covered by students). No one arriving from any yellow / red countries can enter any SZIU-MATE Campuses without possessing 2 negative PCR test results.

Newcomer and returning Stipendium Hungaricum and SCYP scholars can have free tests in Szent Rókus Klinikai Tömb (name of the hospital), address 1085 Budapest, Stáhly u. 9. That requires pre-registration. Other students (ERASMUS, self-financing students) can also have their tests done for 19.500HUF/test in the same hospital organised by the university.

We can provide an appointment for PCR-testing; however, we need to be GDPR-compatible. Please, take the following steps to cooperate with us in your testing procedure :

  • We need your written consent, signed and emailed to authorize our University to manage and transfer some of your personal data to Szent Rókus Klinikai Tömb for pre-registration. Please, send your Statement of consent for data management and data transmission for pre-registration related to performing a coronavirus test to international [kukac] uni-mate.hu

  • Data protection factsheet is available here.
  • SEND this EXCEL SHEET filled in properly to international [kukac] uni-mate.hu

    for pre-registration. In the address section, your quarantine address is needed. It is vitally important to provide the details of your arrival: day and time. (Column P)

  • Please, send both the excel sheet and your Statement of Consent with the following subject line: PCR-testing_Data and Statement of Consent_YOUR NAME
  • After pre-registration is done, you will get a confirmation email about your appointment. The hospital assistants will register you as one of SZIU-MATE-students to enable us to finance your testing later.

Recommended HOTEL accommodation during the testing period
For the students of Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Hotel Ferihegy (https://hotelferihegy.hu/, located 2.2 km from Liszt Ferenc Airport) can provide accommodation and half board with the following conditions:

  • Regardless of the type of rooms, the price for one night is 6,000 HUF / student. The hotel offers half board as an extra service.
  • The hotel also provides transfer from the airport for HUF 2,000.
  • Contact details of the hotel: sales [kukac] hotelferihegy.hu  or + 36 30 229 1979 (Viber, Whatsapp)

Please note that the cost of accommodation during testing and/or quarantine period must be covered by the respected students Please, also consider that in case of a positive test result, you must stay in quarantine for 10 days in the accommodation where you have been staying.
However, for SH and SCYP students, 20.000 HUF quarantine support will be reimbursed and transferred along with their first stipend.


A guide to manage your quarantine obligations before and after your arrival in Hungary according to the latest measures introduced on 27th October, 2020
(updated on 29th October, 2020)

This is a short summary to inform our students who are in quarantine and having their PCR-tests these days OR who are planning to arrive soon.
From 27th October on, the District Police Headquarters in charge of your quarantine place are responsible for ordering, monitoring and terminating your quarantine obligations.
If you

  • plan to enter Hungary or
  • are in quarantine under testing at the moment,

download the quarantine app (Unfortunately, the website is available only in Hungarian at the moment. You should use Google Translator for better understanding.)
Then visit the website of the Hungarian Police. Here is a guide to help you:
Click on Start a new case

Choose „Submissions related to epidemic control mesures” to
1) pre-register before entering the country or
2) notify the police of your leaving the quarantine place for testing or
3) send your PCR-test results to the responsible District Police Headquarters to terminate your quarantine surveillance.

Before entering Hungary, you should pre-register to make your immigration processes quicker (a police file number or a QR code is generated):

Before finalizing your request, you should click on the arrow on the left to reach the second and third page. There are 3 pages to be filled in!

Before going to have your PCR-tests, you should fill in the following electronic form to notify the police about your leaving for testing. Please, make sure to submit the electronic form at least 24 hours prior to testing.

Before finalizing your request, you should click on the arrow on the left to reach the second page. There are 2 pages to be filled in!

After finishing PCR-testing you should send your PCR-test results attached via COVID-08 electronic form to the responsible District Police Headquarters to terminate your quarantine surveillance.

Before finalizing your request, you should click on the arrow on the left to reach the second page. There are 2 pages to be filled in! You should upload your test results first and then click on Finalize.

In case you arrive NOT with Type "D" visa but from Europe, from an EU-member state OR out of Schengen-borders, you need to submit an equity request form following this route before entering the country. (Quarantine obligations are the same for anybody arriving from a "red" country):